When I feel...

When I feel hot, you are like a gust of wind,bring me cool and cozy.

  When I feel cold, you are like a bouquet of sunshine, bring me warm and comfortable.

  When I fall down, you give me a hand, and then encourage me to brave to stand up.

  When I succeed, you give me a knowing smile, and then tell me

  to avoid arrogance.

  When I laugh, you give me applause, and then share the happiness with me.

  When l cry,you give me a hug, and then tell me everything will be ok.

  The hot summer, have your companions

  The Cold winter, also have your company.

  Failure with you always.

  Success often remind of you.

  Happy when you share with me.

  Sadness also have you and I together.

  Your love and companionship is everywhere.

  So, I thank god let me meet you.

  Grateful for your company,

  Giving thanks for all the good times we get along!

  You said you told me a story about you three days, I can help you write a Book。

  If there are no three days of the story to me, then I will help you write a poem。

Listen to your words

Do you love yourself? You may think you do, but do you really? There's only one way to find out-by taking a closer look at what you think, say, and do. You may not like some of what you find, but if you're serious about really loving yourself, you can use this insight3 to do some positive inner work.

Here are three ways I've found for gaining greater personal insight for deeper love.

and listen even more closely to your thoughts. Why? Because your words and your thoughts will determine your actions. One of the things that has helped me to listen to my thoughts has been to keep a journal. It is not necessary for you to write in it everyday, but it helps to record various insights4 you gain as you go about living your life. Instead of using a big notebook, you might use a small note pad that you can keep in your purse or pocket for easy access to record your thoughts as they occur to you. (I've found that if I don't immediately write down ideas and insights as they come, it's hard to remember them later, at least with the same degree of clarity5.) Whichever method you choose, what's most important is that you write your thoughts down. It will help you know what's in your heart.

I kept thinking

It was one week before high school graduation when I found the note. I didn’t know it then, but by the end of that week, my life would be changed forever hong thai travel.

I had been cleaning out my locker1, looking through old papers and taking down all the pictures I had taped to the door. Everything seemed to hold memories from the past year, so I was careful not to throw away anything with sentimental2 value. I found the note on the top shelf of my locker, laying on top of my biology book. It had my name , Marly, printed neatly3 at the top, and though I didn’t recognize the handwriting, I thought that it was probably from one of my friends. But as I read it, I realized that it couldn't be HKUE amec. It was signed, 'from a secret admirer.' I knew I shouldn't take it seriously, but I couldn't stop my heart from beating fast or my face from turning red.

that it was just a prank4. But who could've written something so sweet and touching5 just for a good laugh? I heard laughter from the end of the hall, but when I looked down there I saw that those laughing were paying no attention to me HKUE ENG.

Clear day floating light

Sit in the cradle of nature, the arms looked years, according to the time of the gentle heart faint breeze walk in, put together into a flower past elegant, like rareness of quiet beauty HKUE amec.

Like orchid mellow, because it grows in the quiet ravine, not with beautiful and fragrant flowers blooming, do not envy garden downtown, guarding their own piece of paradise, rhyme dye nimbus of nature. Blooming quietly, without a trace of publicity, exudes Ruoyouruowu light incense, people may feel love and affection and admiration. Has "four gentlemen," said the "Wai Lan heart" virtue. Orchids an afterlife is willing to do, does not seek the limelight, just drop open in the flat. Review-yourself man, just the wind in the quiet indifferent.

Susan just want to make a shallow woman, according to the fleeting window, watching the flowers bloom, Yunjuanyunshu, if the light breeze, quiet as blue. A memo laying the scent of ink, light pen light to write, will have memories embedded in the text where the traces, silent waiting, quietly Benjamin ran.

Life, I'm not the best, but I do have one of the most sincere, good heart. Regardless of the poor and the rich, ugly and beautiful, all with the same psychological view. Not arrogance does not dry, does not pit not cheat, calm, agreeable. Pregnant with a calm composure of mind, approachable attitude towards everyone around. Perhaps, my heart is a bit of clear water drops. Eyes, clean flat, into the heart, Wen Wan Qingxin hong thai travel.

Like a person lying quietly in a rocking chair, wearing headphones, revel in the beautiful melody, let the song take me through the state, are like immersive. We will hear enchanted, heartbreak, dark natural tears. This feeling, can only have the "static" in which one Wai Lan heart, feelings in the exquisitely carved inside.

The road of life, and finally there are several flower of bright red scattered incense which point drunk mediocre life journey. Until after the bustling, plain when, there is still a hint of fragrance, a ray of rain tenderness, memorable, lingering endlessly. Flowers, the flowers, is the year to be accidental, to be inevitable, without complaining, unfortunately, we are pleased to face, everything bearish.

Light, it is open in the corner of a quiet flower. Gentle the years, shallow the time. I was in indifferent Enron, breakdown fleeting, laughing bypass fingertip Wind and Smoke. I 'm glad the wind faded, you still standing there, holding the bustling, reluctant to give up? I really do not want to look back, to look at that vulgar lingering, tears in hypocrisy. Please let go, let me go quietly ......

Past life, I was a Ching Lin Buddha before, because lust Red, fell in the dust, contaminated cotton one Amidst worry. Impossible to escape the Three Realms, trapped in the five elements, but only in six samsara, Buddha Qinglian do before, seen through earthly troubles, human selfishness and greed, false and sinister, far from the world of love and hate, clear clear. Look towards Hongxia, late sunset Mu Rong sleep. Equanimity, not tired not bother hong thai travel.

It is years old, and still had disheartened apathy Red. Not the romance of the affair, no feisty sprout. Just want to stay in a quiet, stability and harmony with one's heart, to see time in the verdant slowly dying, face years of Cangsang, everything bearish.
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