10 Excuses That Are Keeping You from Reaching Your

1. I don’t have enough
Many people tend to complain about lack of time, money and opportunities to be happy. All these points are the basis for perfection for an average person. If you only concentrate on your problems, you will never succeed in anything. Rich and successful people always think positively and don’t fear to start new things and projects, because they are sure that they have more than enough time, knowledge and resources to live and develop.

2. I’m scared
Try to understand that fear is just a non-existent illusion that makes you limited and miserable. Take control of your mind and don’t let your imagination create frightening pictures in your head. If you cannot deal with fear, you should make attempts to leave your comfort zone. Choose things and activities you are afraid of and meet your fears face to face. You’d better tackle them swiftly, because it is impossible to run away from yourself. Just face your troubles no matter how powerful they may seem.

3. It’s very difficult
Life is a challenging thing. You should realize that every kind of success requires work. Wise people usually say, “If you are feeling tough, then you are on the ascent.” Don’t expect easy returns without doing hard work. You should be patient and persistent enough to put in the effort to succeed in something. Moreover, you will reap the rewards over the long-term with pleasure. It will inspire you to make your cherished dreams come true.

4. That’s just who I am
By all means, try not to focus on things you can’t do. If you stop being fixated, you will see new ways and perspectives where you can grow. Everyone has absolutely equal chances and rights to change themselves the way they would like. Unfortunately, many people are not ready to do the work required to change, that’s why they start looking for excuses to acquit their fears and failures. Try to embrace all habits and beliefs that will move you closer to your dreams.

5. I’ll take away from someone else
You may think that your happiness can affect the people you love. I’m sure that your dearest and nearest people will never be jealous about your success. If you become happy, you may inspire and help them make their dreams come true. Share your happiness with your friends and family and comfort them with your joy, because happiness is a gift to everyone.

6. I’m not ready to do something
Time flies very fast that’s why you should try to use all possible opportunities to become happier. Dalai Lama once said, “Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from your own actions.” It’s desirable to fight this uncertainty and do things that can make you successful. Uncertainty and fears have much in common because both of them keep you from your dreams. Wise people usually say that we shouldn’t be afraid of death and other terrible things, but fear the unlived life. Unfortunately, many opportunities are lost, because people find themselves not ready to take the responsibility to do something.

7. I’m not like others
Sure, you are not like others! You are unique and individual in this world. Every person is a dreamer that has more than enough to reach all desirable goals. If you often compare yourself to others, you will feel undeserving and inadequate.

Your friends’ success can give you a push to develop and move on in your favorite direction. There’s no doubt that you are capable to follow your dreams. Try to realize that it’s better to be special than just to be a part of the crowd.

8. I’ve never seen it done before
Many people fear to start doing something new since they have never seen it done before. It seems to be a good excuse, but you should find power to be persistent in your struggle for happiness. Rather than looking for reasons, try to be the first person who has done this innovation. It is better to try as much new and interesting things in life as possible than try nothing.

9. What other people will say about me?
I think, this excuse is the most annoying one. Live your life and forget about other people’s opinion. In any case, people will comment your deeds either positively or negatively. It is almost impossible to be approved and loved by everyone, because there are always many supporters and opponents of your actions. You should realize that a truly strong person doesn’t need the approval of others. Just follow your dreams and let this excuse go.

10. I’ve already tried to do it
If you have a dream to do something, you should be extremely persistent to face all the difficulties. The more mistakes you make the more experiences you gain and more mature you become. Paolo Coelho once said a wise thing, “When you find your path, you must not be afraid. You need to have a sufficient courage to make mistakes. Disappointment, defeat and despair are the tools God uses to show us the way.” Focus and analyze your mistakes and you will know what to do differently next time.

This article shows you how simple excuse can change your life and ruin your happines

Mental Anchors

Have you ever noticed when you remember Pico laser something pleasant in your past, that your current mood changes to a happy mood? Or when you remember a troubling thought, you become more agitated and your mood becomes full of negative thoughts?

When you are in a highly emotional state of mental thoughts and feelings, your mind creates "links" or "anchors" to things that you may see, hear, feel, touch or any other sense you can imagine. If, for instance, you are in a loving, caring mood, feeling loved, feeling great and you hear a song a few times, your mind links or anchors that song to those feelings. Thus, if you later hear the song, your mind looks at what is linked to that song and says, "Hey you, feel good, feel loved."

Now perhaps that song brings back bad memories and feelings for you. Perhaps you had a bad breakup or had a traumatic experience that hurt you and that song was linked to highly emotional pain and now the bad feelings are anchored to those emotions.

Generally speaking, people do not control or create their anchors or links consciously. Your mind makes them without you knowing. But what if you could create and use the same method that your mind does, "behind the scenes" to your own benefit?

Well that would be an incredible tool for you to use to shape, mold and control yourself. Imagine for a second, How would you like to be able to instantly get into an energetic state or instantly go from a bad mood to a happy mood?

Learn to Turn Your Moods On and Off Like a Switch

To create new anchors or links, you need to be in a highly emotional state of being. You need to feel the way that you want this anchor to trigger later on. What I mean by this is... if you want to be extremely happy then you must be in that state when you create your trigger. The stronger your emotions are, the stronger your feelings Production Diploma are the stronger and more long lasting your trigger will be.

If you simply say, "Ok, I'm in a good mood now" and create your trigger, it won't work. You may say you are in a good mood, but you need to actually feel it.

When you are in the most incredibly emotional, ecstatic, fantastic, great, powerful and energetic mood, I want you to put your hand or finger on a part of your body and press or squeeze the skin, do this in a weird way, do this somewhere where it will not happen naturally. For instance you may grab and squeeze your right earlobe or press on the back of the second knuckle on your left hand. It's up to you to choose where you want to do this. Now keep in your good mood and over and over keep pressing, squeezing the place you decided to be your trigger. Do this 15 to 20 times, make sure you do it the same every single time.

Now let us pretend for a moment that you were squeezing your left earlobe as your trigger spot. When you are not in your fantastic state, do your trigger motion-squeeze your left earlobe. You'll probably notice your mood almost instantly changes. You'll feel happier, you'll feel the emotions you felt when you created the trigger, as they flood back at you.

The stronger emotional state when you created the trigger really is the key to how powerful this trigger will continue to be.

You can use this same methodology to Skin Care System

create anchors of all types. Experiment! Get in a funny mood, get in a self-confident mood, get in an energetic mood. Experiment, have fun. Remember, your mind is a tool. Use the tools you have to benefit your life!

reach the other shore

And all the end of the already written yoga but suddenly forgot how to start, life just reveal the colour of happiness is caused by the cruel reality they practiced, how can a good love thousand pale holes? Originally the most intimate people tend to know each other's weakness, also know how to poke each other's heart. Will hurt each other.

When one day you suddenly say unequivocally to give up, I see you shining tears in his eyes. I remember my mother once said that a grown man to his beloved woman tears, that is he really love, really hurt, and really want to give up. I don't know what you are top of the pressure and helpless. You can't see our future? And I was so stubborn. In the other people all think that I have grown up and I don't how mature age, I also too naive, don't want the chains of marriage will I. I also with the childhood that didn't finish the dream continue to chase. And that stand between us is more than the word "distance"?

I am eager to a magnificent and victorious love but never the courage of a moth. I always can't overcome ourselves. Or I don't have met the person who can let me desperate. I like a wandering fish in the sun all day long, that the sun burns my eyes, I aimless drifting. Only to chase the illusion of nothingness, pass by the door seo service

of happiness, happiness broken voice to be heard, as la...

Maybe after this summer, I will be you this life can not reach the cliff side of the grass, born to come out in the first place. And you also is my this present life can't , wait and passers-by, but never I.

And all the things are all have to wait until we can find lost meaning, also because we begin to reflect on lost, although everything has become meaningless. Promise if only DR REBORN occasionally change lies, I would rather choose to exchange with silence.

ciency to round

Law of minnith, endless, the vows of eternal love, again, were paid for the teachers, winding. Preserves speechless, worries were thin, clear stains rhyme, tears come into my autumn remnants shadow to stay, who listen to song is broken? Junior iii reenex , peach blossom, the SOB, to, mulan coagulation spot, smoke DanDan, ink stain the disorder, easiness of melancholy dim and think no more. Feihong flocculant, rely on, past a wisp of heart injury, half a lifetime looking for, I experienced the six distractions, tender and to have you in the world of mortals purple message, did you lotus nut is left in my the sky.

When pavilions, a plain clothes reenex , a curved drunk, a cup of fragrant teas, dial a song full of flowers in the spring show, sigh a Shang qinghe Jude. To butterfly flower, flower but fly with the wind, since don't, a drop, a fitting time, just for the sentence to death not meet. Warm color is your pupil, is my former life dream, your lips, is I this life the flawless static jade, your hair, is my future life looking delusion. Wounds spring rain overflow, summer flowers, cool autumn night, winter wind sway, you are my long four seasons, the infinite thin rain, you are my you are my lovely scenery, no - you are my universe.

Sweet water the heart words, catch fire in maple, Joan jade pot of jasmine, song long lean on floor reenex , becomes increased the water, fixed time, with the waves, lamentation beauty tears, accompany you spent floating core. Mei crane the crater depth, beauty, tea end oft, empty burial enthrall the youth. , red spring light, light, wind, picturesque, like a dream, lonely night acacia, impinges red-violet, son rebellious, wan wan light have lasted, ooze ooze micro sweet, let a person remember the broken pieces back together forever loneliness. Elegance, backyard, dust on the apex, indulge in a wonderful, also in the cold autumn night rain toppled the wind ripple.

Qin water wide, flat line poem cycle, whose temples to Rio to dye the frost residual yan? To understand, love later regret, don't recall, desolate, cold dream ChengYu, if true, such as false, my sweetheart, I smile. Purple sandalwood incense, city of lotus, peony fougere, of primitive simplicity wall huan, tried a few of my amorous feelings, peeling off how much dark red, warm, if you can dream wine if flowers, a cup of melancholy, a few years LiSuo, nursery showing pavilion frost, test task foolish longing. That one month is whirlwind railing at the right moment, I close, far away. open star bridge, I was in the chiangnan misty rain letters I silver word sheng of waiting for you.

Painters, picking up a defi and soft. Flower diameter of leakage, whispers a sleeve dongfeng thin. Pillow letter of sweet, a fine ladies galangal fruit. Jiangnan in the misty rain, and the man of one language contained sweet ZhuiRan again gentle and graceful, my life and my one to each snake dance crushed his dream of a little bit of charm. A language with a gentle and graceful, a charm to each snake dance.

Endure, endure, out of frustration from the shadow to empty.

one day you came to me

It was a spring, for the first time I met you in here, you are flowers, the plum blossom that year was exceptionally beautiful, full of trees, a cloud like chardonnay, the wind blows, big petals falling down, like the dancing with butterflies, scenes, and again just like a pure spirit Information Security Assessment . You stand under the flower, saw me and smile, you said that you call sakura, like cherry blossoms, I don't understand why is the cherry blossom, it is beautiful, but how to match the elegant peony? But you said: the most beautiful cherry blossoms fade, falling from the tree, slowly become dust, fertilizer, but it don't regret, willing to sacrifice themselves, because of this, in order to grow more beautiful flowers. I was moved by the words, then, we became good friends.

Here, to meet is the beginning of our friendship.

Vaguely remember that I take part in the race, 1000 meters, for me, this seems to be out of reach elyze , but I am a representative of the class of honor in the competition, only win, not lose, I silently praying in my mind, you seem to see through my mind, and nodded at me, I feel power. "Bang". I flew generally ran out, ear came the chants, fast, fast, and then there were 200 meters, but at the moment, I was exhausted, couldn't stop, only feel my throat is gushing fire, in the crowd, I saw you, you're still with a smile to me, the bright eyes are full of believe, looking forward to, no matter what, I can't lose, immediately, on two feet like a clockwork, gradually picked up speed, finally, I crossed the finish, the second!

After this matter, both of us more better.

If meet, what is? Such a wonderful day didn't last long, the final exam, you enter a key school, but I was fallen off reenex , the thought of the future we will each rush thing, in the heart very much, you comfort me, three years later we will meet. I believe what you say, here, we agree on three years later, goodbye.

But fate lane person, I have some surprise, but only to wave goodbye. There that day, I came here alone, like before, scenery is beautiful, but not enjoy flower people. Wind, petals fluttering, falling behind all over the floor, you know that's not petals, but my heart die? Once, after all is submerged by the petals!

But neither are far apart, our friendship will not change, I still live in friendship, thought of here, my eyes blurred, hazy, seemed to see a girl who enjoy flower, sakura...