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Forthright and sincere, do not need too clear, the rare confused is a kind of to, is also a kind of pure beauty! Hazy, not ethereal or nothing, life in the fog, is also a kind of rare confused, as the poet's language, implication and distant Enterprise Server Hosting , abstract, hazy, some, too, don't have to look like the matter, not to mention too clear.

Couse, lonely, empty spirit, with a smile, life is best, more in, without barb, like, a Lin Shumu, you grow too fast, will not grab someone else's sunshine and smile you find limited , was born in the hustle and bustle of the dust, for there is inevitable process, only fame and gain guanghua or haze, should with a common heart to treat.

In life, whether it is entertainment or work, should know the open-minded, smiling, tolerant the beauty , generous, static, not much, not much.

Appreciate, save some others, respect the naive vivid exploration and enterprising heart, encouraging others, and to continue learning, enterprising to perfect myself. Any time, have a pure and noble, such as lotus save a wen wan kind, be kind to all people.