one day you came to me

It was a spring, for the first time I met you in here, you are flowers, the plum blossom that year was exceptionally beautiful, full of trees, a cloud like chardonnay, the wind blows, big petals falling down, like the dancing with butterflies, scenes, and again just like a pure spirit Information Security Assessment . You stand under the flower, saw me and smile, you said that you call sakura, like cherry blossoms, I don't understand why is the cherry blossom, it is beautiful, but how to match the elegant peony? But you said: the most beautiful cherry blossoms fade, falling from the tree, slowly become dust, fertilizer, but it don't regret, willing to sacrifice themselves, because of this, in order to grow more beautiful flowers. I was moved by the words, then, we became good friends.

Here, to meet is the beginning of our friendship.

Vaguely remember that I take part in the race, 1000 meters, for me, this seems to be out of reach elyze , but I am a representative of the class of honor in the competition, only win, not lose, I silently praying in my mind, you seem to see through my mind, and nodded at me, I feel power. "Bang". I flew generally ran out, ear came the chants, fast, fast, and then there were 200 meters, but at the moment, I was exhausted, couldn't stop, only feel my throat is gushing fire, in the crowd, I saw you, you're still with a smile to me, the bright eyes are full of believe, looking forward to, no matter what, I can't lose, immediately, on two feet like a clockwork, gradually picked up speed, finally, I crossed the finish, the second!

After this matter, both of us more better.

If meet, what is? Such a wonderful day didn't last long, the final exam, you enter a key school, but I was fallen off reenex , the thought of the future we will each rush thing, in the heart very much, you comfort me, three years later we will meet. I believe what you say, here, we agree on three years later, goodbye.

But fate lane person, I have some surprise, but only to wave goodbye. There that day, I came here alone, like before, scenery is beautiful, but not enjoy flower people. Wind, petals fluttering, falling behind all over the floor, you know that's not petals, but my heart die? Once, after all is submerged by the petals!

But neither are far apart, our friendship will not change, I still live in friendship, thought of here, my eyes blurred, hazy, seemed to see a girl who enjoy flower, sakura...